She was beautiful. She had the prettiest sunsets, the prettiest streets, and the steepest hills. Lisboa quickly found its way into my heart. It was like one of those picturesque pictures that you always see of Europe where you just think I wanna go there. 

As a part of one of my weekend trips on this program, I chose to go on a cross-country road trip to the port-city of Lisboa (in English it’s Lisbon).

We took a long bus ride, and per usual we hit the ground running. The one thing I was not prepared for was the hills. The hills were so steep the rivaled and I think beat San Francisco. But despite nearly face-planting every ten minutes, I was in awe with this city. 

This time around we didn’t hit as many cites as much as experience the culture. The cites we did hit though were beautiful. We went to the Belem tower which used to be one of Portugal’s defense towers. We also visited this huge castle on a hill that had amazing views of the entire city.

Top of the Tower Belen
Views from a castle on a hill

The energy of the Portuguese is also just unmatched. Every single night there was a party in the streets. Single streets would fill with people standing body to body collectively singing the words of songs and making memories. Of course, the night ended with churros— here in Southern Europe it’s almost customary to finish a night out with churros usually filled with chocolate or nutella.

Before hitting the town
Party in the streets

Lisboa: a place I would love to go back to.