As a Lobo, everyone has heard of the Pit—whether you’ve been there or not. The mile-high arena, but 37 feet underground. The Pit has a legacy that it has been upholding since its doors opened in 1966.

The Pit isn’t just a place to play basketball; it’s a force to be reckoned with. This arena has created a reputation for itself that strikes fear in the hearts of all the teams in the Mountain West.

But to truly understand the legacy of The Pit, you need the background story.

Before The Pit, Lobos played in Johnson Gym, but eventually there came a point where there was too many Lobo fans to fit in the small Gymnasium.

It was time to think bigger and better. UNM wanted to build a huge arena where everyone had a clear view of the game, and the easiest way to build their arena was to build down.

So, they dug a huge hole in the ground, and built the arena underground. Students quickly began calling the arena The Pit, and the name just stuck.

The story of The Pit didn’t end there. The legacy of The Pit really revolves around the fans. Our arena is known for having the highest attendance, but it’s really all about the noise. WE. ARE. LOUD. Our noise levels have been known to reach noise levels up to 125 decibels—which is so loud that it can actually hurt your hearing.

Now, I’m a huge basketball fan, but being in The Pit brings a whole new level of hype to the game.

A prime example was this Tuesday’s season opener against Iona. Sitting in student section made it so clear as to why teams are afraid to play here. We are loud and ruthless. Students would jump on the bleachers to the point where it felt like the bleachers were going to break.

Our student section was so insane that the Iona players were constantly breaking their concentration to pay attention to what insane thing the student section was yelling that time. Even after we won the game, Iona fans were asking for pictures with the infamous student section.

The hype didn’t even end after the game—you could hear Lobo fans continue to cheer as they walked to their cars.

The legacy of The Pit obviously isn’t dying anytime soon, and if you haven’t experienced it, you definitely need to.