I just want to start off by saying, Seville you stole my heart.

One of the amazing features of my program is that on weekends I can travel to other nearby cities. My first weekend I decided to visit Seville, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

The dilema of this is we only had 48 hours to squeeze in as much of Seville as possible. So the second we got off the bus, we hit the ground running. Since we are in a different country, most of the people who went on the weekend trip didn’t have service; so we went to the tourist office, grabbed some physical maps, and headed out to all the sights.

Seville was a city but still had small town vibes. You would be able to walk down small alley ways and then all of a sudden come into these opening that would remind you that you were in a big city. 

Our many stops included La Plaza Española, many churches, and this really cool arch thing.

Plaza Española
Plaza Española
Riverwalk in Seville
Cool Arch that I can’t remember the name of

My favorite thing, however, was the Real Alcazar— an old palace that every inch was extravagantly decorated, but I was so in awe that I forgot to take any pictures. 

Not to mention our Airbnb was adorable. It was a cute little studio loft that was really only meant for four people, but we were able to cram 8 people in. 

Photo Shoot from our airbnb
Photo shoot from our airbnb pt 2
Photoshoot at airbnb pt 3

Seville, I’ll see you again someday.