Have you voted yet? A question you may have been asked many times already walking around campus. But have you held the question to value?

I’ve heard so many reasons as to why people don’t vote. People argue that either they’re not political or they don’t think it will affect them. I never understood that because politics is everywhere even if you don’t notice. So, if you’re a Lobo and you’re confused on how this election will impact you, I’ll spell out a few key issues that will impact everyone on campus.

For some Lobos who don’t know, UNM is ran through the Board of Regents. UNM’s Board of Regents is comprised of seven members who basically make all these decisions that impact students, staff and faculty. The next governor of New Mexico will be appointing five out of seven positions in UNM’s Board of Regents. So, the people deciding if our tuition gets raised or not, will be appointed by the new governor—and by extension our votes.

If you’re an in-state student, whoever you elect for New Mexico State Legislature will be deciding how much money you receive through the Lottery Scholarship. The past couple years, in-state students have experienced some unpredictability in how much the Lottery Scholarship will cover in tuition, however, through voting, now’s your chance to have a bit of say in that.

Lastly, let’s talk about Bond D. Bond D is at the very end of the ballot, and most people tend to forget about voting on it—but it’s so important to UNM. So, this is the gist of Bond D. We pay taxes, and now the state wants to know where we want that money to go. Bond D is giving the state government the okay to give New Mexico’s colleges, universities and specialty schools funding to ensure students have the resources they need. So that means, as Lobos we will see new renovations on campus to make our school more state of the art. Who doesn’t want that?

So basically, voting is super important. UNM has a voting poll on campus on the third floor of the SUB, and the official election day is November 6. Don’t stop at the top. Vote all the way through the ballot because what you are voting for matters!

And if you’ve already voted, and you think there is nothing left to do…Well, I have news for you. There are still ways you can be involved! Those people you’ve elected, they’re supposed to be your voice in government—so contact them and let them know what you think on issues you’re passionate about. You can email them, call them, write a letter, or even send a dang carrier pigeon if you want. Because trust me, they care about what you have to say and you could potentially sway their vote on an issue. I mean you’re the reason they’re in office to begin with, so they obviously are going to listen.

So, I voted, will you?