The struggle in India has now ended and I am sitting in a cold airplane to Madrid for winter break. I ended up spending my last days chilling (actually not chilling at all) in Goa, a known winter getaway hotspot for Europeans and Americans to escape the cold. My roommates were unable to accompany me on my last adventure, so I decided to go for myself as a last hoorah.

Before leaving, I said goodbye to many of the people I call my little India family. My teachers and research scholars forever hold a place in my heart for their kindness throughout my stay. As I said in previous posts I primarily stayed in the sanitation biotechnology lab with GENIUSES. I have no doubt in my mind that the people I work with will change the world. I love every single one of them and they taught me the persistence, perseverance, and passion necessary in doing research that conveyed the beauty of science that made me love it. The day before I left, they gifted me with a Nilavilakku which is a lamp that is lit in the front courtyard to destroy the darkness in our minds, before the lights are switched on. The lamp invokes blessings and when I received it I have no idea why but I ugly cried in front of all the professors and students and they got it on video because I was so touched.

Of course, with a blessing comes a struggle and I waited the night before to pack 60 pounds worth of luggage in a backpack with the help of my roommates (who deserve to the world for putting up with me) hours before leaving. My last day was a struggle, but I am so grateful for my roommates who made my stay in India spectacular, especially since we all collectively had issues all the time lol. Patricia (the love of my life and my India soulmate), Anais, and Alex, I would’ve FOR SURE gotten dengue or a stomach virus without you if you ever read this.

So… I left Kerala with 4 pounds of banana chips because I can and I am not ashamed of my addiction, to Goa where I met the coolest people. Traveling allows you to grow and being in an unfamiliar place with so much uncertainty with the constant unknown creates a different confidence and reliance on yourself and strengthens your trust in others and shows the kindness of the people that help you on that journey. I’ve loved every single minute of my study abroad experience and ending it in Goa was the cherry on top. I became friends with a girl I consoled because she was having a mental breakdown about losing her laptop and then an hour later when she calmed down she offered me a ride on her scooter down to the beach and then we ended spending the entire time together. Afterwards, I ended up meeting other people who just asked to hang out and then we had the best time for 3 days to the point where they extended a day of their trip just from meeting everyone. The views were spectacular but the love and vibes from everyone I met is undefinable. The warmth I felt from their friendship was so genuine and I was overwhelmed with contentment. From late nights on motorcycles to hour long moped drives to beaches and many kingfishers, I had an unforgettable experience. I learned that people are the experience and I am so grateful for meeting the people I have met that have surely changed my view of life and of the world.

Nevertheless, I am currently wearing a crop top and sandals in Spain looking like the chaotic mess I am, freezing my absolute butt of so I am an unreliable source of responsibility for myself. Still take my word for it, life is fun with cool people and fun adventures. So, let’s see how thisEurope thing goes… <3