Well guys, I’m back! It’s definitely a bittersweet welcome, but I am happy to be back with family, friends and green chile.

Anyways, I was lucky to spend my winter break in Europe with my best friends and family. I spent the holidays and eat a lot with my family, and afterwards met up with my best friends where we struggled for 2 weeks with debates ranging from spending money either on food or clothes and museums lol. The broke college student gig really shows its true colors when traveling with people in the same boat with you, but it creates some crazy, unforgettable memories. From walking uphill with a 25 pound luggage to buying 1 euro baguettes for dinner, you could say we were quite the economical travelers our parents would be proud of. If traveling teaches you anything, it’s to take public transportation because getting lost is fun and you save more money to eat more food lol. Even though my best friends and I were sick (of each other and actually sick) by the end of this trip, I will never forget a single moment of our beautiful struggle together.

Of course, reality really struck me when I checked my email and was reminded that I have actual responsibilities and classesL. Despite the fact check I had on my life, 2018 was genuinely a great year of adventure, struggles, and lessons. The relationships I gained abroad will never be forgotten and gives me even more reason to travel. I am grateful for the time I was able to have in order to reflect on my passions and reignited the dreams I had always aspired to fulfill. In all honestly, 6 months feels like nothing when you are abroad and I wish had more time. Of course, this also means there’s another adventure that is just waiting to happen, and I cannot wait for what life has next in store.

Thanks for reading in on my struggles and badly written blogs, I hope I have kept y’all entertained for the past 6 months