Zach L.

Senior - Media Studies
Santa Fe, NM

Interests: Music, Photography, Writing, Social Media, Technology

Extra Curricular Activities: Drumming, arcade gaming, cycling, surfing Tumblr.

Red or Green? red

Favorite Class: Media Criticism

Favorite Bands: Modest Mouse, Arctic Monkeys, M83, Wilco, Daft Punk

What does it mean to be a Lobo?
My parents began dating while they attended UNM so I guess you could say being a Lobo is carrying on the legacy of my family, and also a legacy of the larger family that is UNM. I was a born to be a Lobo.

What’s your best UNM experience so far?
Not one experience but rather one type of experience, which is the experience of walking around campus in between classes and seeing the great energy and enthusiasm of the many individuals who walk around campus every day in the hopes of expanding not just their own knowledge, but the also the knowledge of others. It’s very inspirational to say the least.

What have you learned in your time in college?
To have faith in yourself, to ask questions early and often and that becoming involved with your community is one of the most rewarding things that you could do.

What are your favorite events around Albuquerque?
I’m a huge fan of the SummerFest events, especially the events held along Route 66. I also really enjoy the local house show scene when I’m looking for new music that’s a little off the beaten path. The balloon fiesta is always fun, and there are literally dozens of other smaller events that I enjoy but can’t remember off the top of my head. Albuquerque is a really busy place if you look in the right places.

Meet Zach L.

Visit to the Vista

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Going to See “My Hero”

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Foo Fighters ABQ 2015

People often rag on Albuquerque for not getting all the best touring bands, but I’ve been lucky to see some pretty amazing acts over the years. What was originally called the Mesa del Sol Amphitheater, has been repeatedly renamed to the Journal Pavilion, Hard Rock Pavilion, and now finally Isleta Amphitheater, has played host to […]

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started at UNM

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I’ve been in and out of school for a very long time, and I’m pretty close to the end of my journey. As we kick into gear this fall semester, I thought I’d share some things that I wish I had known when I started at UNM. Get a job on campus – I have always […]

Nobody Likes a Tourist

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Growing up in Santa Fe, tourists become just a basic fact of life. Like dying, or paying taxes, regardless of what part of town you live in, you will have to deal with them eventually, and usually the experience is surreal. Be it the turquoise encrusted east coast natives, curious Texans and Californians attempting to […]

Simmering at Summerfest

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I’ve often heard that there is “nothing to do in Albuquerque”, and honestly, it drives me completely insane. As if all of the great experiences our natural surroundings provide us with weren’t enough, there are events almost every weekend, many of which are free. They’re often a great way to hang out with your friends, […]