Zoe A.

Junior - Linguistics, Portuguese, and Spanish
St. Louis. Missouri

Study Abroad Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Interests: Languages, cooking

Extra Curricular Activities:

Red or Green? red

Favorite Class: Portuguese

Favorite Bands: Death Cab For Cutie, Legião Urbana, Kali Uchis

What does it mean to be a Lobo?
The culture at UNM is super friendly, more so than I've seen at other universities. I would say that a Lobo is friendly, helpful, and looks out for their peers.

What do you wish you knew before you started the Study Abroad process?
Start as early as you can!! The visa and application process takes so much longer than you think, the sooner you start and the more on top of things you stay, the better off you'll be.

How do you think the Study Abroad experience will help your career?
Speaking multiple languages is the best thing a person can learn in my opinion, and since I want to work in Peace Corps after I graduate, getting to know another country will be really useful.

Why do you think it is important to study abroad?
Get out of your comfort zone, learn about new cultures, learn a language...there are so many reasons to get out of your country and experience a new one.

Meet Zoe A.

The Student Fight In Brazil

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Here at USP, education is and has always been a hot topic. How can it not be? The university is renowned for its engineering department and history of important research, and is on many lists internationally as the top university in Latin America. But for students and professors here, it is much more personal. As […]

I Finally Went to the Beach!!

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  I know, I know. “Zoë, you’ve been in Brazil for three months and you haven’t gone to the beach?!!” Trust me, I know. Timing and weather haven’t exactly been permitting until recently, due to a fairly busy schedule of moving houses, university, and some general laziness on my part. This past week was a […]

FFLCH: The good, the Bad, and the Marxist

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I study linguistics and foreign languages, which means here in São Paulo, I study at FFLCH, or ‘Faculdade de Filosofia, Letras, e Ciências Sociais’. If you want to study the philosophy of Descartes, anthropology, or French, this is the department for you. FFLCH is divided into several buildings, all of which are connected or right […]

Adventuring in Paulista

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São Paulo is a 24/7 city. No matter the time of day, there are parties to go to, coxinhas to buy and eat, and places to see. No where is this more true than on Avenida Paulista, the city’s epicenter of nightlife, shopping, and all things São Paulo. Conveniently situated on the yellow Metro line, […]

Sao Paulo At First Glance

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Seven am in Sao Paulo– it’s cloudy, a little rainy and very cold. May through August is winter for the southern hemisphere, and I definitely was not prepared for the chilly temperatures when I left the plane. Sao Paulo is at once very familiar and totally strange. For those who have spent time in Miami […]