During dead week I had the chance to have two UNM clubs collaborate on creating a relaxing last week before finals. The UNM Chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) kicked off the week with a yoga practice by the president of the new UNM Yoga Club on campus. The yoga club started this last fall semester and plans to resume practices after the winter break.

The club offers its participants free, one-hour long yoga practices. We normally meet in Johnson gym on Fridays at 6:30 pm. The teacher and president, Katelyn, got her yoga teaching license from Indi Yoga Studio in Nob Hill. She now teaches at Yoga Six along with these Friday night practices.

Over the summer, I went to Indi Yoga Studio. I really love yoga and the studio’s close proximity to the campus was perfect for me. Unfortunately, I had to stop when school started because I was way too busy to justify the fees I needed to pay for the membership.

It was perfect when I stumbled on the yoga club from their Instagram. I manage SWE’s Instagram and saw the new club followed the SWE account. I quickly hopped on to my account to check them out. I was excited to start doing yoga again with a teacher that was actually on campus and free.

After attending a few meetings, I reached out to Katelyn to see if she would do a practice for SWE as a part of our theme to de-stress over dead week. We all met, and she took us through a really awesome restorative sequence. We ended up meeting in the Centennial Engineering Center’s STAMM room (which wasn’t the most peaceful, but it all worked out).

Dead week I was super stressed, and I didn’t realize it until I took the time to breathe and stretch. It was much needed! The next day SWE put on a study session with our members where we all met in the Faris Engineering Building. SWE got Frontier sweet rolls and green chile stew for the group. (That was the first time I had a Frontier roll. I was always told they are super good, but I hadn’t tried them out for myself yet. I am now on the Frontier sweet roll bandwagon.)

The day after the study group, SWE partnered with the Women’s Resource Center on campus to put on a self-care workshop. They met in the Engineering Student Services study room where they made a toolkit filled with play-doh and bath salts using aromatherapy and Epsom salts. It was the perfect last-minute craft to prepare for finals week!

I hope you will look into some of the organizations on campus to join for this spring semester. Whether they are new or already established, I’m sure each club is looking for more members come the new semester! Reach out and find out how they can help you stay centered during the school year!