You know when you start to get stressed out and people tell you to think of your “happy place?” Well, for me, Caves Beach is that place. I visualize the sand, the waves, and wandering through the caves. In times of great stress, like preparing to come home, it’s important to stop, take a deep breath, and just let my mind wander to what makes me smile. So take a breath, and enjoy my happy place too!


Sunrise from inside the cave

2015-09-08 09.14.12

Wandering throughout the caves on my first visit!

2015-09-08 09.18.48

….a wave swept me off that rock!

Low tide=time to run around the rocks!

Low tide=time to run around the rocks!

The photos of me were taken by my friend Forrest and they are from my first visit to Caves Beach. Being able to see the sunrise at the beach is thanks to my Swedish friend Ola. I got to see that gorgeous sunrise with him, Will, and Anna (another American and a German). I have more photos that I wish I could upload, but they are spread across platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, my phone, and my computer, but I think these four photos show the best of all the photos I have! I can’t wait to come home! See you soon New Mexico!