I have been in Australia for roughly three months now. I know I haven’t posted much since I have been here, and that is mostly due to the high amounts of stress related issues I have had to deal with since I arrived. The hardest part about adjusting to life in Australia has been the sticker shock. The cost of living in Australia is high! Fifty dollars will get you (maybe) a week’s worth of groceries. The primary issue to my money troubles was losing my Chief Manuelito Navajo Nation Scholarship, because I was “no longer studying within the 50 states.” I had to undergo an extensive appeal process and I eventually won my scholarship money back. The money had to be sent to UNM then eventually reimbursed to me. Then I reached the problem of not having a bank that was big enough to do electronic wire transfers. Now I am in the process of waiting for the transfer to go through. You can learn from my life by doing the following: save up! Save as much as possible before study abroad and have it wired to you as soon as possible when you arrive!! If you are expecting a large scholarship return have it wired later when it gets processed. I missed out on a lot of opportunities because I couldn’t afford to pay for anything other than rent or groceries. I have had amazing experiences regardless and I did have enough money to keep a roof over my head and food on my plate. So in the end it was a very humbling, yet stressful experience. I don’t think there is a single international student at my university that isn’t insanely broke, so at least I am in good company! Just always make the best of what you have and always be grateful! Here are a few photos from my orientation week. I want to write other posts about specific adventures that I have had.  Hopefully I write again soon!

My first time seeing Kangaroos! Orientation in Australia they take you to a Reptile Park! I saw reptiles but I was mostly obsessed with the handsome Koala holder guy. Kangaroos are also really adorable and I have seen them bazillions of times since. They are seen as pests by Australians because they will eat your crop and jump out at you if you drive at night on some roads. I love them still!

2015-07-22 08.30.00   2015-07-21 14.28.38 HDR

There are also three bars on campus! What?! This one is called Bar on the Hill. Oh boy were there some good parties there! More photos of those to come later! Day Drink? Don’t mind if I do! I’ll try to take pictures of my campus to show you guys how insanely beautiful it is! It’s like a university built in the jungle!


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