BOOOOOOOooooooOOOoooo happy Halloween! Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.

When I was younger Halloween was a family event. We never focused on gore or fear for the holiday but rather the festivity of pumpkins and the nights getting longer. For many years, my family has made a collective effort to come up with costumes from our favorite book series or to each read a scary story together in the fall. This year, I am reading “La Trahison du Vampire” in keeping with the spirit. The children’s chapter book includes pictures every few pages and an intriguing tale of the betrayal of one three-century-old vampire. I think reading stories or having them read to me is how I learned English so it seems appropriate to learn French the same way.

Bookstore Window Display for Halloween

Here in Canada, I wasn’t sure what to expect, whether costumes or indifference or trick or treating were in order. It seems it is very similar to the US in that some families embrace the spook, others decorate for fall, and some ignore the season altogether. 

A simply decorated house in a nearby neighborhood

For the lack of yards around me, there are still many houses that have managed to make a display out of their green patch next to the sidewalk. I love going by and seeing the creativity some people have. Typically it’s tasteful and subtle decor… But sometimes it is all out scary. 

On a run one afternoon, this yard caused me to pick up my speed a bit

Other than the vaguely frightful houses there are apartments across the street, where there are a few Jack-O-Lanterns or plain pumpkins. Grocery stores are lined with pumpkins for sale. I have found it is far more common to set pumpkins out and not carve them here than it is in the states. Additionally, many people buy and cook the small sweet pumpkins instead of buying the puree in a can. Because of the sales of pumpkins, I couldn’t resist buying a small one and cooking it up for myself to see what the craze is about. This may be a tradition I keep. 

One pumpkin I used for decoration being prepped for curry

Walking around downtown this weekend was particularly entertaining as we saw people dressed up in a range of costumes some even in full makeup.

I myself am excited to see what trick-or-treating looks like here and I may take a walk that night to see if, in the neighborhood near ours that isn’t apartments, there are children dressed up.