Stark blackness greeted our boat as we slowly crept along the water. Periodic flashes of light revealed figures creeping along the makeshift banks, while shouts permeated the air. Why had I signed up for this again? 

The Edinburgh Dungeon

Last weekend I traveled to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Edinburgh is full of history, winding paths, steep hills, and beautiful architecture. There is so much to see and do in the city I could spend weeks there and not have seen it all. The highlight of my trip was the Edinburgh Dungeon interactive. The Edinburgh Dungeon is an interactive haunted house that covers some of Edinburgh’s most gruesome and spooky history. It has live actors that walk you through different periods of history and is filled with scares and laughs alike. The actors put on a great show and pull in audience members to be apart of segments. I did not know what to expect when I went in, but I was pleasantly surprised. The creepiest part was our trip down the “river” in complete darkness where we encountered rouge bands of so-called cannibals (detailed above). The river trip is filled with jump scares. Overall, the Edinburgh Dungeons are a blast. I highly recommend this attraction! 

We also visited Edinburgh Castle, walked the Royal Mile, and visited Calton Hill. Many of the sites are within walking distance, luckily, so we didn’t have to rely on public transport as often. There are loads of museums as well, but we only had time for a few. But beyond the landscape, Edinburgh also had much to offer in the way of food. We tried Cullen skink, a rich, creamy soup with potatoes, leeks, and haddock. The soup resembles a slightly thinner clam chowder. It is hearty, filling, and warm- perfect for a cold day. We also tried more haggis, as well as proper fish and chips. 

Calton Hill
Edinburgh Castle
The Royal Mile
The Scott Monument
Cullen Skink

Overall, we had a great time in Edinburgh. We lucked out with the weather and it didn’t rain too much, but that’s not all we did last week. 

Last week, I also went to a Catfish and the Bottlemen concert, a band I hadn’t heard before. My friend introduced me to the alternative punk band and invited me to come along with her to their concert. We ended up near the front and center in the standing room and the crowd’s energy electrified the entire venue. The band put on a great show with lots of energy and great crowd interaction. I will definitely be putting this band in my music queue.

At Catfish and the Bottlemen

Next month, look out for my farewell to Aberdeen, discussion of academic culture in the UK, and more!