Looking back to July/August I was definitely anxiously working around getting ready for my departure to Peru. For about two weeks, I was making sure my finances, contacts, everything was in line; now, I am a little more at ease this second time coming around. Being home for a short amount of time did not really give the space to get extremely comfortable, it just gave the home sick reassurance I was missing. A lot of the things I did arrange before leaving were still in-tact, so all I had to do was pack. 

Packing can be stressful, but I choose to let it drain me out. Packing for Peru can be slightly complicated, because the semester consists of two drastically distinct climates (one is extremely cold and the other extremely hot). At the moment, it seems to be really hot and I do not mind at all as I do prefer warmer weather. Changes in the climate certainly make for a different experience, the Sun always puts people in a brighter mood. Aside from that, summer in a coastal city would make an interesting experience for someone who comes from a dry mountainous desert.