As I get ready to leave, I can’t help but think that this opportunity is a result of generational sacrifice. I have been anticipating this experience since I began college, it was inevitablebecause I was determined to study abroad.

Some stress had definitely come with the process of organizing everything for my program. I thought that because I had already traveled abroad once it was going to be an easy experience the second time around, but this required a lot more planning than before because my program in Peru is for a complete semester.

I had only been accepted into the program approximately a month before my orientation date, so I had to prepare everything in a short amount of time. This included finding housing, getting necessary paperwork for international insurance, booking my flights, getting my transcripts, etc. For the first four months of this program, I will be transferring my life from Albuquerque to Lima and my predominant thought is better to be prepared than sorry because who wants to pay international shipping fees for forgotten things.

Yet, the countdown happened all very quick and I felt pressed for time trying to meet deadlines but now that I’m sitting in this airport for nearly 12 hours I wish time would speed up. I decided to fly out of LAX to save some money on my plane ticket, since Albuquerque has fewer international flights they tend to be expensive. I also took this as an advantage to take a mini 3-day vacation considering that I worked the entire summer. College students should always remember to treat themselves. 

I’m excited to arrive there already and experience what Peru has to offer; I know it’s going to be a life changing experience.

As a first generation student, going to college in itself is an accomplishment but the idea of going to another country to do it is amazing. Traveling has never been a feasible thing in my family, but I am forever grateful. College has genuinely presented me new opportunities with a variety of options I never would have imagined.

Now, my final hurdle until I get to Lima is two fifty-minute layovers.