Erin B.

- International studies, Latin American Studies

Study Abroad Location: Istanbul, Turkey


Extra Curricular Activities:

Red or Green? red

Favorite Class:

Favorite Bands:

What does it mean to be a Lobo?
Lobos bring a special diversity to traditional campus life. Everyone on campus is representative of a different background and cultural heritage. This really adds to the integrity of the school and contributes to the campus in a positive way

What are your plans after college?
After college, I’d like to take some time to continue my global education and will be applying for a Fulbright and, potentially, the Peace Corps. Ideally, I would like to work for the US Government in the international development sector.

Why do you think it is important to study abroad?
Travel is undeniably an experience. Even answering these questions and looking through all my photos this evening, I realized that I don’t know who I am without study abroad. It has defined me as a person.

How will study abroad will help you in your professional career?
By the time I graduate college, I plan on speaking four languages. You can’t put a price on that. Also, the more people I meet in my field the more I realize how important study abroad is. The skills you learn on a year abroad are imperative to success in the international workforce.

Meet Erin B.

My Top 5 Trips Within Turkey:

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Everyone who goes on exchange is often so excited to see the entirety of Europe that they skip seeing the country that is hosting them. I think it’s really a pity to miss out thinking that you’re “seeing more” by traveling further. From individual growth to Turkish practice, traveling in country has been “worth it” […]

Things I can only say because I live in Istanbul

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  I have to go to Asia for coffee. Istanbul is awesome, so awesome that it has to be shared by two continents to contain it all! It’s not uncommon that I get to take the ferryboat over to Asia just to meet up with a friend, go to my internship, etc. I can go […]

This one’s for the girls:

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I’ve gone back and forth on writing this post because I don’t want to demonize the world for all you female travelers, but it needs to be addressed: harassment. At first the idea of this post really bothered me because I am living in (what I consider to be) the Middle East and I don’t […]

Never Have I Ever:

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I have been to Rome and Paris, but I have never been inside the Coliseum or atop the Eifel Tower. This post won’t be the longest, but I’m noticing a travel trend and I want to share my thoughts on it. You do not need to visit everything. I was looking through my travel pictures […]

Running Away: A week and a half in Bulgaria and Macedonia

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After spending the entire summer in Ankara studying Turkish intensively, I was about to go insane. There were 4 people in my Turkish class (so there’s no way NOT to be called on) and I spent 4 hours a day in a room just learning the language. After class, I had at least 2 hours […]