Ever O.

Senior - Business Administration, Concentration: International Management
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Study Abroad Location: Seoul, South Korea

Interests: Watching YouTube, playing video games, eating food.

Extra Curricular Activities: Lobo Friends and a beginner Korean class.

Red or Green? red

“You only put into it what you get out of it, if you don’t put everything into it you get nothing out of it.”
— “Irish” Micky Ward

Favorite Class: Beginning Kung Fu or English 120

Favorite Bands: Odd Future, Iron Maiden, Tupac, Los Rieleros Del Norte

Why South Korea?
I was there last year for a summer program and honestly, I loved it so much there I had to go back for round 2.

What is the most important thing you’re taking aboard and why?
A jar of Vick’s vapor rub in case I get sick.

What are you looking forward to most about studying abroad?
Honestly getting another chance to spread Mexican-American and New Mexican culture to an area that most likely isn’t too aware of it! I wanna teach them about our culture as much as I want to learn about theirs.

If you could go back to and give your freshman self some advice, what would that be?
Probably to look into study abroad earlier and ship out more often.

Meet Ever O.

*Spanish Video* Trip to Busan part 2!

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What’s up you guys? So for this week’s video, I wanted to show y’all the second part of my trip to Busan! I got to eat delicious soup and we explored Chinatown as well as Gamchaeon Culture village!

International Education Week – Study Abroad Tips + Basic Korean

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안녕하세요 everyone! Happy International Education Week to you all. This week, I’m sitting down to bring to y’all tips and advice on studying abroad. I’ll also teach you guys some basic Korean phrases that I found useful. Enjoy! Subscribe to my channel here. Get to know me a little better here.

Trip to Hong Kong

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Hey guys, I have another video for y’all this week as I take a trip to Hong Kong. Today I’ll be taking you guys with me on my journey, where I’ll show you Aberdeen, Causeway Bay as well as the area of Kowloon. Enjoy! Check out more of my vlogs here. Get to know me […]

*Spanish Video* Trip to Busan Part 1!

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Hello Lobos! I’ll be including one of my Spanish speaking study abroad videos this week! Today I’ll be taking you through the beach city of Busan, South Korea. We’ll explore Gwangang beach, the areas of Haeundae, and eat a delicious seafood soup. Check out more of my vlogs here. Get to know me more here.

Autumn Festival at Dongguk University!

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Hey guys! I’m sorry for the inactivity for the last few weeks. I’ve got a lot of footage waiting to edit so hopefully I can crank it out and throw it on here soon! Anyway, this week ill be taking you guys to check out the yearly Autumn Festival they throw here where they have […]