Apologies for the quick pause in posts I have been In Peru for a little over a month now and about a 3.5 weeks ago we had an enormous storm that broke our internet and our television. Luckily I am back on the internet just in time to wish everyone Happy Holidays from Cusco. I have just under two more weeks in this beautiful city before I go back to Ecuador for the duration of my stay in South America. As per usual my absolute favorite thing to do in any city is eat. Cusco is no exception, it has some of the best cuisine I have had in South America, so just in case you happen to be passing through Cusco I have compiled a little list of MUST restaurants and cafes. NOTE: Listed in no particular order because they are all amazing. 

  • Morena (Peruvian Globally Inspired Restaurant)
  • Museo del Cafe (Restaurant) (Not to be Confused with Museo de Chocolate)
  • Carpe Diem (Italian Restaurant)
  • L’atalier (Cafe)
  • UFO (Restaurant)
  • Qura Bowl Bar (Restaurant/Cafe Healthy and Vegan Options)
  • Limo (Japanese Peruvian Restaurant)
  • Orgánica (Restaurant Farm to Table) 
  • Paddy’s Irish Pub (Bar and Food)
  • Uchu (Peruvian Steakhouse) 

I’m drooling as I’m writing this post.