Since I have been back in Ecuador I have begun to appreciate the way people drive here compared to Cusco. No offense wonderful Cusqueños! Everywhere you go in the world traffic is different, the lights and times are different, etiquette is different, the rules are different, and the way people interact with those rules are never the same in any one place. While the grand majority of us participate in some form of transport whether that be driving or public transport our ability to drive can be very much limited to where we are from. Traveling has opened up my eyes to some crazy drivers abiding or not abiding by the crazy rules of the crazy roads.

Just yesterday a very cute boy and I were driving to school/work when he remembered that we couldn’t be on the road in his car. Why you might ask? Because in Ecuador there is a strictly enforced rule that one day a week (depending on the last number of your license plate) you cannot use your car. I haven’t done an extensive amount of research on this particular rule but my guess that it cuts down on traffic. So what did we do? We left the car at the toll station for the day, took an Uber to work/school and picked up the car later that evening.

I guess all I am trying to say is, the ways of the road are very characteristic of the societies that we choose to live in. They are an expression of everyday life and since I have been back in Quito I am appreciating my life here more and more every day.