Hey everyone! Hope your summer is going well and are getting some much-deserved rest! So, here at Meiji Gakuin we are still in the middle of our spring semester and we just took our midterms! In addition, I recently went to the Cup of Noodles Museum in Yokohama! Due to the amount of studying I had to do, I wasn’t able to go on much adventures other than the Cup of Noodles Museum.

So, what is the cup of Noodles Museum? It is a museum that details the history, as well as displays artwork dedicated to cupped ramen noodles. One of the rooms, and personally my favorite, is a giant room were every type of ramen noodle is on display starting from 1958, when it was first commercialized, to now. It was so cool to see so much different varieties of my favorite food in one spot! After that my friends and I then went to the next floor which was also really cool!

On this floor, you can make your own ramen noodle cup. So, what you do is you buy a ramen cup for 300 yen. Then you can draw any design you want on it. I drew a Pikachu and Pokéballs because I am obsessed with Pokémon. After you design your ramen cup, you take it to a person behind a counter, kind of like subway, and tell them what you would like in your ramen. Note this ramen is the dry ramen like you find in the super markets.  After you tell the person behind the counter what you would like in your ramen cup, they seal it and then you put it in a bag that looks like a pillow. You can then take your personal ramen home and eat it! There was a room where you could learn how to make the traditional ramen noodles, but it was taught in all Japanese, so I would have not known what to do. Needless to say, I did not attempt it. After making our ramen cups, my friends and I then went to a few other parts of the museum including a mini movie theater.

In the mini movie theater, a documentary about Momofuku Ando, the creator of ramen noodles, was shown and it was a very interesting film. Also, it was a claymation film which I thought was really cool. What was really cool about this documentary though is not only did I learn more about Momofuku Ando, but I also learned that Momofuku Ando and a team of his created ramen noodles that can be eaten in space by astronauts! I guess you could say ramen noodles are truly out of this world.  After viewing this awesome documentary my friends and I then headed to a food court within the museum.

This food court was really cool in that it had ramen from all over the world with each having a different twist! I ended up eating ramen noodles from Thailand. These ramen noodles were so good, they had lobster in them and they had a nice spice to them! The other interesting thing about this food court is the way it was designed. The tables and the decorations felt as though I was eating in 1960s Japan which I thought was really interesting. After enjoying our food, my friends and I then headed home.

            The Cup of Noodles museum was so much fun, and I am so glad I got to go! If you decide to study abroad in Japan I highly recommend going!  

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