Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well and staying cool this summer! So recently, I went to two different attractions I have been wanting to go to since I got here. I went to see a kabuki play as well as an indoor amusement park called Joypolis. The kabuki play was definitely a culture shock and Joypolis was everything I hoped it would be and more.

I will start by describing my first kabuki theater experience. To start, the building in which the kabuki plays take place, still has the same look as it does from  the 17th century. This was not only a cool site to see, but it gave the sense of time traveling. Usually kabuki plays are six hours, however, this kabuki theater offers people the option to pay for only a 30-minute show. Needless to say, I viewed the 30-minute show. The play itself was amazing! Everything from the clothing to the choreography was so precise! What was really cool, was that during the segments in which music was playing, the actors would stomp their foot on the floor of the stage and use it as a drum. Note, that these plays are done without shoes, so to be able to use the floor as a drum with no shoes makes this all the more impressive. If I happen to have extra time before I leave Japan, I am hoping to view the 6-hour performance. The next week I then went to Joypolis with a few of my friends.

Saying that Joypolis was amazing would be an understatement of how awesome it was. To start, when you walk through the front door, it feels like you walk into a different world. There are VR games and rides such as rollercoasters within Joypolis. What was really cool about Joypolis was the VR games and rides you can interact with. The first ride I rode was a virtual reality ride in which you sit in a mini space ship and have a giant screen in front of you. You fasten your seat belt and overhead shoulder harness, then, the ship lifts off the ground. The screen then turns into a first person view of a race course with loops and spins. After accelerating you have to push two buttons in order to go forward in the game. However, after pushing these buttons the ship spins you 360 degrees. When I got on this ride, my friends and I were very surprised because we didn’t expect to spin. After this ride, my friends and I then checked out some other attractions before going to go eat lunch.

These two experiences were so much fun, and if you decide to study abroad in Tokyo, I highly recommend attending the places mentioned.    

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