Hey everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your summer! So recently, we just finished finals here at Meiji Gakuin University. This time around finals weren’t too bad. I also went to the Robot restaurant

So, the robot restaurant was definitely an experience to say the least. When you walk in the first thing you see walk in the first thing you see is a band playing music with the 3 of the members dressed as robots. After enjoying the live music, you are taken downstairs to a basement area with giant screens and speakers. This is the area where the robot restaurant shines. You then view an hour and a half performance with a lot of special effects. These include laser light shows and even some fireworks! What is really interesting about this show is that each act is more epic then the one before it. Also, the robots that are used in said performance get larger and larger with each act as well. The drinks are this restaurant are really cool too. I was able to buy a cup in the shape of a light bulb and it lights up!

Now that finals are over, I’m going to be going to be doing a lot of sightseeing to really try and see every last bit of Japan that I can before my exchange is over. I am actually going to the biggest firework festival this weekend and I am so excited because I have always wanted to go to this festival. Of course, I will be posting photos and videos to my Instagram. I am also hoping to go to a Noh play before I leave, and If I have time a Bunraku (Japanese puppet show) I would have gone to these sooner, but they are seasonal. I have started to pack up my dorm and it is hard to believe that the time flew by fast here in Japan. I will be posting one more blog before I leave Japan to let you all know how the firework show was as well as what other adventures I went on here in on my final days in Japan. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this blog and have a wonderful rest of your day. And remember to follow @unmstudyabroad on Instagram and Facebook.