Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well! So, my study abroad year is coming to an end here in a few days! But even so, I managed to go to two festivals here in Tokyo! One was called the floating lantern festival and the other was called Sumidagawa firework festival. 

The floating lantern festival was really cool because there were so many lanterns floating on the river. Also, there were people on boats sailing next to said lanterns. I wanted to sail in the boats, but the line was really long for only a short time. In addition, there was a live music performance by a Japanese local. If I had to describe the type it was I would say a mix of 1960 style with a really old Japanese style of music. That is probably because this event takes place on the river and mote that surrounds the Edo castle here in Tokyo. The next day I then went to the Sumidagawa firework festival. 

The Sumidagawa firework festival is such a massive firework display there in Tokyo that my friends and I had to show up THREE hours early in order to get a decent spot to see them. Still though, it was well worth it. The view we had was pretty good and considering it was next to Skytree it was very nice to watch fireworks being set off with such an iconic building not too far. The fireworks themselves were really interesting because they not only had special shapes but had ones where it looked like a ring of lights spinning before they exploded. The special shape fireworks that were displayed were hearts, smiley faces, cats, and Pikachu! I’m so glad I was able to see this firework display and it was a perfect way to end the year studying abroad. I leave Tokyo here in a few days so now I am just packing to get ready to go back to UNM. Luckily the flight back is not so long as it was when I came to Japan. I am not looking forward to the jetlag haha. I will be posting videos of my favorite moments here in Japan when I get back to New Mexico after I have settled back into the grove of things.

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