Packing up all your belongings into one suitcase and one backpack isn’t the easiest task ever, but it is my final task here in Madrid. Although it is true that I came to Spain with the same amount of space in my bags, due to the Law of Accumulation of Random Sh*t, I think that my belongings might not fit exactly how they did in August. 

I haven’t had to pack all my stuff up into one or two bags many times, but as a general rule you should always pack it (at least) twice: once to see what is going to fit, what you need to move, and how it is going to fit in the bag, and then once before zipping up the bag and heading off. (Of course, if you try to do it twice, you’ll probably do it more three or more times in the end.) This way you can make sure you have everything in there in the right spot and all that jazz.

Oh, yeah, the tennis racket is going in there too.

Also, I probably already said it, and if you even look up packing on the internet, get packing cubes. They will 100% guaranteed make packing so much easier, as well as unpacking things at the end. Might be weird at first, but if you’re traveling anywhere with a big suitcase or out of a backpack, you need to get some packing cubes. Nuff said, you can figure it out after you buy them. 

Some of my packing cubes on my (slightly) unmade bed.

I think the weirdest thing for me to remember as I am packing out of this apartment (and this is a first for me) is that, there could be a new person in the room a day or a week after I leave, and I really can’t leave anything behind. It isn’t like I am leaving a host family where I don’t have to worry about the food because it wasn’t mine anyways or where I can leave the t-shirts behind and someone else will use them… this time that new tenant is going to need the space in the kitchen that I am currently occupying and there is a good possibility that they won’t fit into any of my shirts and probably won’t even want them. Like I said, this is the first time I’ve had to actually think about these type of things as I am leaving somewhere (besides maybe the dorms at UNM, but then I had a car and no food, so I could just throw everything into the backseat and drive off). 

Hope the new guy is happy about the office supplies I am going to leave them… because I really don’t know what to do with these pens, highlighters, and sticky notes… *shrugs while typing* 

At the beginning of my study abroad, I totally told myself that I would not accumulate unnecessary clothing, and I really tried hard to stick to that… but in the end, I guess I got cold because I am like four sweaters and one big jacket heavier today. It’s going to be really funny walking through the airport wearing a sweater, pants, and a big North Face jacket when it’s 90 degrees outside. Gotta do what you gotta do. 

As I am writing this and rereading what I have written I am not so sure how coherent or how well this blog post flows together, but I just wanted to give a final packing update as I am leaving Spain this week and heading back to the Americas.

Un saludo, 

Miguel Sabol

P.S. I passed all of my classes, and actually got decent grades so I am happy about that.