Paloma G.

Senior - Political Science & Spanish

Study Abroad Location: Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Interests: Teaching, travel, public policy, culture, and breathtaking adventures

Extra Curricular Activities: Playing the guitar

Red or Green? green

Favorite Class:

Favorite Bands:

What have you learned in your time in college?
The biggest thing I've learned is that the stars are the limit. If you are willing to put in the work, you are truly able to reach anything.

Why did you choose to study abroad?
To try to get to know my family abroad. They live in Mexico, and I believe this is the best time for me to take to the time to know where I come from. Latina Pride!

What are your plans after college?
I am an aspiring Diplomat. Currently, I am deciding between a Master's Degree in Public Policy or a Law Degree.

Why do you think it is important to study abroad?
I think travel in general (to a foreign country or simply a miles away to an unknown part of your city) is eye opening. The important thing is getting out of your comfort zone and truly seeing what our world holds.

Meet Paloma G.

Road Trip- Day 1

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      This week me and a few friends planned a trip starting from northern Mexico down to the central states. So far, it’s completely incredible! As resourceful, money saving college students, we decided to do this trip by pitching tents and making our own food over a gas stove that we brought with […]

Mexican Travels

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  If you ever find yourself in Mexico looking for adventure- the state of San Luis Potosí is your place to be. My time there was filled with cliff jumping, swept away by a waterfall filled river, and canoeing in a boat. You are bound to find a solid dose of adrenaline on your journey. On […]

Social Anxiety: Don’t let it Hinder you from Traveling

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Every once and a while, we can become too comfortable where we are socially, or we can be on the other side of the spectrum and feel socially awkward. Either way, travel can force you to stretch yourself in different ways.   We wake up and know who is going to send us silly texts […]


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Although the buzzing city of Monterrey is irreplaceable, if you drive about half an hour out, you can come across breathtaking views. This weekend, I experienced La parque ecologico de Huasteca. It was an array of uniquely shaped mountains.. we went in to explore the caves, avoid poison ivy, intensely hike, surf on rocks, and rappel. […]

Mexico is Ready and Waiting

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With packing, planning, and dashing the beginning is no less than dazzling Mexico has been ready and waiting to share a road of extraordinary elating …all while avoiding malaria Malaria? High traffic area? Phantasmagoria?… Although my rhyming has failed, my timing in Mexico was nailed … Dr. Seuss time over! From getting our van stuck on a […]