Sandra V.

- Biology/Spanish with minor in Portuguese
Mexico City, Mexico

Study Abroad Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Interests: Traveling, Languages, current events, arts & literature

Extra Curricular Activities: yoga, hiking, being outdoors in general

Red or Green? green

Favorite Class: I’d say just about anything but math

Favorite Bands: Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith,

What are your favorite events on campus?
My favorite events to attend have been the Annual Lectures at the end of the year and all of the guest speakers throughout the semester. Its inspiring to see people’s research come together, specially knowing that some of these projects are coming alive at UNM.

What surprised you the most about UNM?
The one thing that surprised me the most about UNM are the resources available, whether its going to CAPS for tutoring or going to SHAC or taking physical ed classes for mental & physical wellbeing.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when entering UNM?
Its okay to feel overwhelmed and its okay to not know whats going on, there’s always someone who is willing to help, may it be your classmates, professors, clubs or groups around campus.

How do you think study abroad will help you in your professional career?
I think studying abroad will help in my professional career because it was a seized opportunity to be thrown into something completely outside of daily norm, being able to work with different people and having to learn new things.

Meet Sandra V.

Holidays In Europe

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I got really ambitious for the holiday break during my fall semester in Portugal. Which lasted from December 21 to January 2nd. I left Lisbon the afternoon of Dec 22 and returned the morning of January 1st. Theres a lot of pros and cons while traveling alone during the holidays but there’s never a dull […]

how i spent my birthday in Marrakech

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For some reason, at the beginning of the year and maybe because I knew I was going to travel half way across the world, I had this random idea of spending my birthday in Morocco. It was one of those ideas I put out into the world and never dwelt more into planning for it. […]

International Migrants Day & Eritrea

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*sensitive content* International Migrants day is on Dec. 18th and to commemorate it, the International Organization for Migration in partnership with dozens of other entities are bringing 3 films to over 90 different countries showcasing different migration stories of individuals looking for a better life. For Portugal, the 2017 Global Migration Film Festival took place […]

Radio Televisora Portuguesa

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Like I mentioned in a previous post, one of my Portuguese classes is an Immersion Activities class, in which we have presentations from guests specifically linked to Portuguese culture. We’ve mostly had in class presentations but this last thursday, Dec. 14th we had a class field trip, combined with a lower level class group. I […]

Weekend in Porto

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Earlier this month, I decided to take a short two day trip with one of my classmates to Porto, located about 200 mi north of Lisbon. Since we don’t have class fridays, we figured we’d just make the trip for friday and saturday. To get there, we took a comboio, Portuguese for train, friday morning. […]