So, Thanksgiving Break is officially over, and it is officially dead week. So while I sit in Zimmerman, procrastinating on this essay is due in a couple of days, I have decided to spend my time reminiscing over the short and sweet break we just had.

Thanksgiving break gave me the opportunity to put a quick pause on school and work, just before it got extra hectic. Thanksgiving break was also an opportunity to have some quality family time.

I usually head back to Carlsbad for Thanksgiving, but this year, my family decided to spend Thanksgiving in Albuquerque. In retrospect, this sounded like the perfect idea; however, that meant fitting six extra people and a dog into my two-bedroom apartment. We were able to make it work, in the end, but we ended up using a whole bunch of air mattresses.

All my family ended up coming into town during the early afternoon– just in time for the snow. Yes, you heard me, SNOW. Not only did it snow for Thanksgiving, but it broke a record of the largest Thanksgiving snowfall.

Every time it snows in New Mexico, everyone loses it, and I mean it is obviously exciting. It was especially exciting for my family because we come from southern New Mexico where it rarely snows; so, we were set on enjoying it.

my sweet dog banjo!

So this Thanksgiving along with cooking a Turkey, we spent time outside playing in the snow and drinking hot chocolate. We ate lots of food, spent lots of time in the snow, and enjoyed a whole lot of family time.

Sadly, the break came to an end, and the reality of finals began setting in. Luckily, the quick taste of a break and family is enough to get me through this dead week.