It’s gotten to the point in the semester where everyone is surviving on a lot of coffee and not enough time. As a student who works and is going to school full-time, time management is a whole other skill you have to learn to actually succeed. That is exactly the reason why I wrote this Student’s Guide to Time Management.

So, how does one balance work, school, and a social life? Short answer: you can’t. Long answer: it’s all about prioritization and sacrifices. 

1. Work

Homework is a whole different story. The amount of homework varies based on the time of year, and we are officially in the time of year where it is super high. My simplest advice is to take a calendar and write down every single due date from every syllabus you have. This way you can look at your calendar and see everything you have to do. From there you can prioritize what you need to work on and by when.

2. School

Trying to balance school and life is extremely difficult for anyone. Luckily for me, I work on campus which makes it easier to work around my class schedule. The easiest advice I have is communication. Communicate your class schedule to your work and communicate even more towards the end of the semester when your schedule is busier. 

3. Life

However, most importantly, it’s important to recognize when you need a break. You can work as many hours and do as much homework as you can, but when your mental health is on the line, you need to take a break. This can vary from calling your parents and checking in to taking a mental health day with your friends. 

However, the one thing that’s often overlooked when balancing your life is your social life. We are at a very unique point in our lives that we will look back in the future and talk about. It is totally okay to take a break from your schedule to make memories to look back at. That includes going to tailgates, football games, music festivals or legit any event on campus.

3 girls attending a social event which is a part of student time management.
Girls attending a social athletic event  which is a part of student time management.

I hope this Student’s Guide to Time Management helped someone.

Good luck guys!

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