Earth Day is a day made to celebrate Mother Nature and all the joy that she has to offer. While things may be a little different this year, you can still celebrate Earth Day while practicing social distancing. 

Here are some fun at-home activities that match the spirit of Earth Day:

You can grow a sweet potato in a glass mason jar. 

Growing a potato is a fun and easy activity to do with the family. Sweet potatoes are a visually appealing, fast-growing plant with an abundance of leaves and vines. To do this activity you will need a sweet potato, a glass jar, two toothpicks, and water.

1. Stick two toothpicks on each side of the potato. 

2. Insert potato in glass jar. The toothpicks should hold it afloat. 

3. Fill the jar with enough water to cover the bottom half of the potato.

4. Place the jar where it will get lots of sunshine. 

Check the jar daily, adding water when needed to keep the potato bottom wet. Soon you will see sprouts forming on the bottom on the potato. These sprouts show roots beginning to grow. In a week, you will see small leaves growing from the top of the potato! After two to three weeks, you will have several long vines with green leaves. You can continue watering your potato as usual in the jar or transplant it into a pot with soil. Your sweet potato will continue to grow into a leafy green houseplant. 

Make a DIY Bird Feeder. 

If you want to see more birds in your backyard this is a perfect project for you. You will need a water bottle, stick, string, scissors, birdseed, and an x-acto knife.

1. Carefully cut a square into both sides of your bottle with an X-acto knife. 

2. Poke two holes under the squares

3. Insert whatever stick you have available (wood skewers or a wood chopstick can work)!

4. Fill with bird seed to the opening. 

5. Hang outside with string and enjoy. 

Make your backyard more pollinator-friendly. 

Making your backyard more pollinator helps insect populations like bees. You can simply do this by planting flowers native to your environment, diversifying your garden, and keep part of your garden a little messy.

Do some yard work. 

Now is as good a time as any to get out and do some yard work. Whether this is going outside and pulling weeds or repotting plants, Earth Day is the perfect day for some yard work.

Reading over streaming. 

On Earth Day, turning off your favorite Netflix show and dusting off your favorite book is the perfect way to lower your carbon emission.

Last, but not least, you can go on a hike– which is what I did. Happy Earth Day!