Everyone knows about those people who post about how they detoxed from all social media but post about that detox on social media. Kind of ironic right? Well, now is my turn.

This past weekend I went on a Lobo Life adventure to Hyde Memorial State Park and stayed in a few yurts. For those of you who don’t know The Lobo Life is a student organization that features adventures all around the state.

Hyde Memorial State Park is located outside of Santa Fe and has the coolest yurts that you can stay in. It also does not have any service so you can go totally offline.

Photo by Caleb Brenden @calebbredsticks

My weekend consisted of hiking, making s’mores, and talking around the campfire– and most importantly logging off of everything. When school is session, I am usually on my laptop and phone constantly being pulled in a hundred different directions. This weekend gave me the opportunity to put all of that aside and focus on my mental health and the wonderful people around me.

Photo by: Caleb Brenden @calebbreadsticks

With finals right around the corner, this was the perfect time to recharge. Leaving this weekend, I had the opportunity to look at my syllabus with a new mindset and ready to work.

So basically, this is my way of telling you to be one of those ironic people who post on social media about their social media detox because it was pretty nice.

*all pictures were taken by Caleb Brenden @calebbreasticks