Throughout my time here at UNM, I feel like each semester I understand a little bit more about how to be successful in my classes. There are the obvious tips like going to your professor’s office hours, but I have one simple tool that will help you ace the semester.

I learned the key to being a success at a university is time management, and the easiest tool is the master syllabus. So, what is a master syllabus? It is a document that has every single assignment for the whole semester all in one place, and it is so easy to make.

How to build your master syllabus:

Every semester, there’s a syllabus week where you receive a syllabus for every class that you are registered in. Syllabus week is also one of the easiest times of the semester because there really aren’t many assignments that week. During that time, take the time to comb through your syllabus and pull out every single assignment in there.

I typically separate my master syllabus by course, assignment, and due date. Fun Tip: make sure that it is a Word document or Excel sheet, so you can change due dates if they change.

Once I have my master syllabus ready, I usually refer to it throughout the year to see what assignments I have coming up. If you want to be in-depth you can include assignment descriptions in your master syllabus, too.

So with this little tool to ace the semester available to y’all now, let’s grind this semester and get a 4.0.

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