For some reason dead week is somehow worse during the quarantine. I’m not sure what it is; maybe it’s the fact that I can’t go get overpriced coffee and placebo myself into thinking that Zimmerman helps me think better.

Nevertheless, it is dead week nonetheless. So, how can we survive this dead week? I still think I have some solutions.

Because there is nowhere we can really go to study, it is so important that you designate a certain spot in your house to school work. This way when you’re in that location, your brain will know it’s time to get to work.

Before starting your assignment, make sure you read your instructions thoroughly. This dead season already, I started completely finished a Spanish paper before realizing that I missed a whole section of the prompt. This rule of thumb also goes for deadlines.

Make sure you do the study guides– even if they are optional. With Zoom classes, it’s easy for things to get lost in translation. That being said, the study guide will help you realize where you need the extra work.

Office hours are still a thing. Honestly, a lot of professors are more willing to lend a helping hand during this time, so utilize their office hours. Ya, they’ll be over Zoom, but the gesture goes a long way, and you can clear up any questions you have over your finals.

Lastly, make sure to take some small breaks– whether that is getting on Tik Tok or going on walks around your neighborhood. Happy Dead Week to my underclassmen and for my fellow seniors, it’s our last dead week, let’s get through it.