During my college career, I have lived in many places on and near campus. However, many houses around campus are older and really lack storage. Because of that, you have to get creative with your storage techniques. I wrote down a few that have helped me.

1. Chests are everything.

Chests are simple and stylish and come with lots of storage inside.

2. Shelves, Shelves, Shelves.

Shelves, especially in kitchens, open up lots of cabinet spaces. It’s cute to leave some of your spices on top of them.

3. Hang your drying rack.

Counter space is everything. Hanging a drying rack over the sink opens up that space.

4. Find innovative ways to store your pots and pans. 

Pots and pans take up a lot more space than you think. Having a pot hanging rack is stylish and convenient.

5. Renovate storage closest to meet your needs.

I needed more room for my clothes. I simply took out the shelves in this closet and made a fun new way to hang some clothes.

6. Platform beds are your best friends. 

A simple trip to the container store and a platform bed will fix many storage problems.