One of the disadvantages of being in college is that moving is a frequent task. In my experience, I have not lived in one place for more than ten months. On the bright side, you become really good at packing.

That, however, does not make the packing any less painful. There is something about packing where the more you pack, the less finished you feel. This will be the third house I will have lived in during my time in Albuquerque. The struggle you have to deal with is the more you live on your own, the more junk you accumulate. Because of those two things, I have a lot of junk to pack.

Because we are in the midst of a pandemic, I ran into the problem that I couldn’t get the necessary furniture I needed. Because of this, much of my furniture has been built by my dad. He’s built us chests, a bed frame, clothing racks and more. Building furniture is one of my favorite things.

Hand Built Bed Frame

This is for two reasons. The first being your furniture is always unique. You will know that no one else will have a piece of furniture that looks like yours. There is also a sense of pride when you use something that you built/helped build.

Luckily for me, I am moving within Albuquerque. So, this means, I just have to pack up one house and move everything 10 minutes down the road. Because of this, we did not end up renting a moving truck. Instead, we just got a couple of friends and some trucks and made several trips across town. 

The last struggle I ran into is unpacking. My new house lacks a lot of storage. So, I had to figure out many storage hacks and figuring out how to keep my many things put away. I also tend to get very overwhelmed unpacking because it requires a lot of decisions on where things should go.

Nevertheless, I was able to fully unpack within 48 hours which is a feat that I did not think was possible. Happy moving to anyone else who is planning on moving soon.